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You run your own business; twenty four seven – on your own, all day, every day.

You have your own website, which acts as a calling card for your business, although you wish you could get it out there a bit more.

Undoubtedly, you have an actual business card, which you tout around all the local businesses and put about wherever you can do.

But is there something more you could be doing to spread word of your company or enterprise to the local environs?

Well, yes there is. If you haven’t got at least one branded office item with your name on it, then you are really missing out.

Whether it’s notelets or a paperweight, pencils, pens and other stationery, nothing spreads your name out there more than office equipment. Your name will literally be in your clients hands as they sign their names, take notes and even sharpen pencils.

Why pay a fortune for print advertising in the local media when you can put your name around the local area, for a fraction of that price? What’s more, today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s chip wrappers, or worse, cat litter tray linings!

But a biro pen with your name on it will be used time and again, it will be lent out to others, it will end up in all sorts of different hands that you probably can’t imagine. And the name of your company will go with it. In fact, you can go one better and put your website on there as well.

Print media has its place, but it is expensive and short lived. Printing your own branded office stationery and distributing it for free around your area or industry costs little and the potential rewards could pay dividends.

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