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Stocking Fillers That Will Wow This Season

You may not want to believe it, but already the business world is gearing up for the holiday season and the one thing your company’s party needs more than anything are corporate gift bags chock to the brim-full with goodies to impress and remind your client base of your name.


But what should they contain? Remember, it’s not just all about business in the Christmas period, but also about fun and the family. So bearing that in mind, here are a few ideas for stocking fillers that might particularly be of interest to the ladies amongst us.

string-bagThere’s no end to the colours that your nails can be painted and your company’s logo can be printed on the nail varnish bottles. This is a small, inexpensive but highly popular item, perfect for Christmas stockings both large and small.

This is only one of the nifty little company promotional items that we can supply, other branded giveaways come in the form of this cute little pill box.

If you thought the humble snuffbox was just for Sherlock Holmes novels, think again. Promotional business gifts have stepped back in time for that retro feel, but that can still be used practically. The next time one of your clients can feel a headache coming on, they can think of your company’s name – as it eases away of course!

The sweet smell of success will surely be in the air with one of these tiny perfume atomisers – another one of our business promotional products that your clients won’t be expecting to find a company logo on!

Other ideas come in the form of chocolates with your company’s name or logo inserted on the box. These are a tried and tested sure fire way to even the hardest corporate heart this season.

When the snow is falling and the temperatures plummet, be sure to keep your staff and also your client’s staff cosy with these toastie warm beanie hats, with space for a single logo or image, available in an array of different colours and sizes.

scandiskThese can be ordered alongside the matching gloves, to complete the look fully.

Want something a bit more out there, for your clients to literally hang off your every words? What about these, small handbag holders. Small, but to the point, your company’s name can be printed across the middle and they leave a memorable impression on the person hanging their bag – or hat – off your name!

Finally, what about in the bathroom? The ladies toilet – or even the gents for that matter – may be where a lot of informal deals get done, so what could be better for some complementary toiletries?

There’s an array of different goodies that can be placed strategically in your restroom, or given away as corporate gifts this Christmas season.

Keep germs at bay with this Aloe Vera hand sanitiser, just big enough to fit your business’s name across the centre of – you will want to make sure your hands are nice and clean before you shake on your deal after all!