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What Are The Five Best Corporate Giveaways In The UK?

It may surprise you what some of the leading UK promotional products are today – as they may not be quite what you were expecting!

sports-bottle• THE SPORTS BOTTLE
Want to create great freebies for your business but done the company mugs thing to death? Well, there’s only so much tea you can sup in one lifetime, so why not think about refreshments on the go? Particularly the cooling ones.
Cycling is increasing in popularity and so are the ubiquitous sports bottles to carry them around in. So what could be better than your company’s logo or website on one?

Unlike its cousin the stay-at-home office mug, a cycle bottle will bike its way to glory around town – even around the country – promoting your company or business.These are fast proving to be one of the more versatile media promotions that you can take advantage of to get your name out there.

Corporate promotional products are so much more than just cheap promotional mugs these days, although, of course, there’s nothing wrong with these either! Nowadays you want to put your company’s name to something that might actually be used for something to do with the actual nuts and bolts of the business and nothing announces your company’s fitness for the post than branded giveaways, that actually do something important for your client.

Mobile data storage is something that everyone can use and the branded flash drive is a simple and effective tool that can get you noticed, in a good way, for a minimum of outlay.The good thing about a flash drive is it can be utilised time and again by your clients and your company will not be forgotten in the process!

can-coolerPlus they are small enough to fit onto a key ring and can be easy for you to carry around with you, when out pressing the flesh with your corporate clients.


Hot day? Feeling the heat in your meeting? Here’s another cool idea for cheap promotional products that are currently leading in the UK – the branded drinks cooler. This is a laminated piece of foam that will keep a standard UK drinks can cold for long enough for your clients to remember your name and amply refresh themselves into the bargain!sun-glass

Warming to our theme of summer, cycling and all things that are hot – how about these, the personalised sun glasses. One of our best-selling merchandising products and more fun promotional giveaways for UK businesses. Order yours before the sun sets on the British summer for good!

Simple, obvious, but works beautifully. You cannot beat one of these woven tote bags with your company’s logo or message printed on it. Remember, ever since the plastic bag ban in the UK, more and more people are using these printed cotton bags. This is robust promotional merchandise which will be used time and again by your clients, their clients and seen by all.